Market Snapshot

RGB Capital Group's investment philosophy is grounded in preserving capital and managing financial risk. These two philosophies guide all our investment decisions with the goal of minimizing capital losses and increasing total return.

Using an active management investment approach that incorporates capital preservation techniques along with managing financial risk, RGB Capital Group seeks to create low volatility portfolios that provide investors with the ability to:

  1. Minimize losses by preventing deep draw downs during declining markets
  2. Create wealth during bull markets and
  3. Provide investors the ability to “sleep at night” knowing that the low volatility of their investments allows for rational, not emotional, investment decisions

RGB Capital Group is continuously managing financial risk by making portfolio adjustments to the investment models we manage.

Who We Are

We take an active approach to investment management with a primary focus on preserving our clients' capital and managing their financial risk. More

What We Do

Capital Preservation and Managing Financial Risk are core to RGB Capital Group’s investment approach. More

Why Choose Us

Preserving capital during market downturns creates opportunity to create wealth.More

Our Process

RGB Capital Group continuously reviews macro- and micro-market conditions and market sectors to help guide the investment selection process. More